Yummy Industries



Opening Saturday 30 January 2016 18.00 to 20.00
Exhibition 30 January to 5 March 2016

Yummy Industries
presents a new site specific installation VAMOS VER (we will see in portuguese) reflecting on humans and their purpose, the humour and sadness of its condition. Interactions between fact, fiction and technology. Connections and differences embedded in living organisms.

Yummy Industries is Francesca and Bernhard. They met while studying at art center in Los Angeles, they now live and work together in both Basel (Switzerland) and Lagos (Portugal). Their work spans from video to large scale site specific installations, to drawing, photography, conceptual design.

They travelled extensively with their on-going project (2003- present) “drawing machine” and have produced with it hundreds of meters of drawings collaborating with strangers. It challenges assumptions of interaction, ownership, value and territory and it functions as a whole with its participants.

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Sergej Vutuc
photographer and skater

The last two years, Sergej Vutuc was travelling through USA, Europe, Japan, Israel and Palestina. From skate spots to the next Independent Book Fair. Always a camera in the hands.

The work of Sergej Vutuc is about observing the development of the modern society; a privatization of the public space and conquering the nature with concrete, on one side, and the natural human urge to expand one's consciousness, to be in between, to exist playfully and live through imagination, on the other side. Skateboard culture is just one of many contemporary social subcultures whose philosphy is based on the aspiration for playfulness and urge to use the open space in the context of freedom of expression.

Sergej Vutuc is born in Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1979 was raised in Zagreb (Croatia), Heilbronn (Germany) and currently lives and works in Berlin (Germany).

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