Hilde Kentane

250 DOGS | designed and realized by Hilde Kentane

250 DOGS is an art project to raise awareness and support for the extremely poor conditions of the innumerable amount of street dogs in Brazil.

A limited edition of 250 dog sculptures (4 different models, signed by the artist), made of resin and marble, represents the "Vira-Lata" (turning cans), the so-called street dogs in Brazil.

With my work I often make reflections on the overwhelming consumer industry.

In this world animals became extreme consumer products and thus also frequently treated as disposable; animals at first often promoted by a very pushing pet industry and then abandoned in the streets to be replaced by others.
The proceeds from the sale of the 250 dog sculptures will go to projects and campaigns in Brazil that focus on raising awareness and changing attitudes towards these situations (e.g. www.aila.org.br)

Price per piece:

CHF 350,-- cash / ex gallery Basel
CHF 380,-- delivery in Switzerland / payment by paypal
EUR 325,-- delivery from Germany to EU / payment by paypal




for more information, contact the gallery: postmaster@gallery-daeppen.com


or visit www.hildekentane.com




Model I | 2014 | 25 cm high / 9 cm diameter | made of resine and marble

Model II | 2014 | 19 cm high / 7 cm diameter | made of resine and marble


Model III | 2014 | 22 cm high / 7 cm diameter | made of resine and marble



Model IV | 2014 | 21 cm high / 7 cm diameter | made of resine and marble

Moving to Sao Paulo is a very exciting and inspiring challenge for me in many ways and definitely brings strong new impulses in my work as an artist.

My work is inspired on the mass-consumption society, a world of seduction, obsession, advertising and manipulation. I seek to reshape questions like how vulnerable does an individual’s aspiration make him or her on a personal and socio-cultural level in a world that is driven by a Power Industry. Can one still hold to one’s own identity, ascribing true values in a modern world that is addicted to consumption with an overwhelming stream of images and messages, issuing from a Wonderful World of Consumer Perfection with insatiable desires and products that will constantly fade with a pursuit of renewal and replacement?

For the creation of the works I apply imagery and mostly disposable materials of consuming and media environment, resulting in installations, drawings, multimedia, prints and collages.

Animals, as extreme consumer products, represent the most vulnerable in this world. The consumer interests totally precedence over the interests of the animal. We buy them, use them, coddle them, replace them, abandon them, kill them, eat them, as it comes out. They are completely at our mercy.

When I arrived in Brazil, I was struck by the many street dogs that wander through the streets, often in very bad conditions ... animals that at first not infrequently were purchased as expensive pets and then abandoned and dedicated to a hard and unprepared life in the streets amongst the thousands of others.

With ‘250 dogs’ - I want to focus on the huge contradictions between the miserable conditions of the vira-latas in the streets and a very pushing pet industry that promotes animals as luxurious accessories together with expensive equipment, thus so also disposable and/or replaceable as consumer objects.

There are 4 different and limited series of figurines, together there make 250 dogs. They symbolise the vira-lata and are made from resin and marble. For this purpose I have deliberately chosen a durable, noble material given that they constitute luxury consumer objects for sale.

Hilde Kentane
June 2014