Leon Zuodar

Leon Zuodar aka LELE, born in 1977 is a Slovenian visual artist working in the field of painting, drawing, grafics, fanzines and animation.

Since 2005 he's been part of the world famous painting group called Beli sladoled (White Ice Cream, Leon Zuodar & Miha Perne). Since 2013 he's co-organizing the art program at the gallery Hisa kulture in Pivka where he's also leading the graffic studio.

As a skateboarder he's known as a member of Boldrider crew based at Pumpa in Postojna. Pumpa, the D.I.Y. skate playground & more was inspired by the phenomena of Black Cross Bowl back in 2008 and since then Postojna and Basel sk8 scenes share a strong bond.

He doesn't like to be called a skate artist but in the same time it's impossible to totally devide his art from his passion towards skateboarding.

> THE RIVER, 20 October to 24 November 2018, Opening 20 October 18.00 - 20.00
> SERIGRAPHIEN, January/February 2018

> belisladoled.org

> Instagram/leonzuodar

Leon Zuodar | IN MEMORIAM BLACKCROSSBOWL, exhibtion view Gallery Daeppen, August 2016