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Exhibition 12 November to 19 December 2010

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Installation | 2010

Portrait of an American Family

Was Ende der 60er Jahre in Kalifornien als Hippiekommune begann, endete in mehreren brutalen Morden, angestiftet vom charismatischen Führer Charles Manson und ausgeführt von seinen jungen, vorwiegend rothaarigen Anhängerinnen. Die Motive der sogenannten „Manson Family“ konnten bis heute nicht vollständig geklärt werden. Ausgehend von diesem historischen Ereignis beschäftigt sich das Künstlerinnenkollektiv Salon Liz in seiner Arbeit „Portrait of an American Family“ mit den Faktoren, die zu Verehrung, Kult und Abhängigkeit führen können und fragt gleichzeitig nach dem Leben der beteiligten Frauen, ihrer Motivation und Geschichte.

Salon Liz sind Anna Hilti, Stefanie Thöny und Anita Zumbühl und erarbeiten seit 2006 in dieser Formation und mit anderen KünstlerInnen ortsbezogene Aktionen und thematische Installationen.

Actress Is Among 5 Slain At Home in Beverly Hills Sharon Tate, 2d Woman and 3 Men Victims – Suspect Is Seized
August 11, 1969

LOS ANGELES, Aug 9  – Five persons, including the actress Sharon Tate, were found this morning brutally murdered in a home in a secluded area of Beverly Hills.

The home, perched on a wooded hillside overlooking the city of Los Angeles, was being rented by Miss Tate and her husband, Roman Polanski, the movie director, who was in London at the time writing a script for a new movie.

The other victims were identified as Jay Sebring, a men’s hair stylist well known in Hollywood social circles; Voyteck Frykowski, a Polish film director said to be a close friend of Mr. Polanski; Mr. Frykowski’s girl friend, Abigail Folger, a member of the Folger coffee family, and a fifth man who remained unidentified.


The police were alerted by a call at about 9 A.M. from Winifred Chapman, a maid who had come to clean up the house. When they arrived they found a scene that one policeman described as a “bloody mess.” The victims had been stabbed and possibly also shot. Mrs. Seymour Kott, a neighbor, said she had heard several shots at about midnight.

Miss Tate, who was eight months pregnant, was found in the living room of the house with a nylon rope tied around her neck. The rope was also tied around Mr. Sebring’s neck and then looped over a beam “as if someone was going to hang them,” the police said. Mr. Sebring wore a hood over his head.

Mr. Frykowski and Miss Folger, who had been house guests of the Polanskis, were found sprawled on the lawn about 50 feet apart.

The unidentified man was found at the wheel of a late model automobile pointed toward a black mesh gate leading out of the property. The police surmised the three had been trying to escape.

The word “pig” was scrawled in blood on the door of the main house.

2 Ritual Slayings Follow Killing of 5 New Murders in Silverlake; Fresh Tate Clue
August 11, 1969

LOS ANGELES, Aug 11 – A Silverlake couple were found slain Sunday night under bizarre circumstances that police said may connect the crime with the murder of actress Sharon Tate and four others in Benedict Canyon.

Detectives said the man’s head was covered with a white hood, his chest pierced by a meat carving fork which had evidently been used to cut the word “war” and “XXX” into the flesh. His body was found on the living room floor.

The woman’s body, clad in pajamas, was found in the bedroom of the isolated single-story house at 3306 Waverly Drive, her back ripped to pieces by what police said may have been a knife or a whip.


The words “Death to Pigs” had been smeared on the door of the refrigerator, apparently by the heel of the slayer’s hand, dipped in his victims’ blood.

The couple’s teen-age children, returning home shortly after the crime was discovered at 10:30 p.m. immediately became hysterical and could give police no clear account of events earlier in the evening.

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