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Opening Friday 4 December 2015 18.00 to 20.00
Exhibition 4 December to 16 January 2015

Planet of the Organic | installation Gallery Daeppen | December 2015


Guillaume Daeppen presents the exhibition WARGANIC by Andy Leuenberger. The core of the exhibition is the presentation of the cartoon book Planet of the Organic, containing about 100 cartoons and absurd drawings on world and self-improvement. Further developments of the serie Making Space - abstract ink-drawings based on imagery of war, shown at Daeppen in 2014 and at the New York Book Fair in September 2015 - are presented. Screen-prints, comics and art-books are also on display.

Andy Leuenberger | WARGANIC | exhibition view Gallery Daeppen | December 2015



Andy Leuenberge
r is an Artist & Cartoonist, born in Basel in 1972 and has been living in Berlin for the past 15 years. Themes are deconstructed in series of drawings, with ink on paper and then collected in book-form. These are usually self-published under the label Choke Book. A wide range of topics - from social satire to comic-genre-pieces to experimental explorations of the medium - are covered. Form is content driven so a presentation of several works by Andy Leuenberger may leave the impression of having seen a group exhibition.

Andy Leuenberger had exhibitions in Berlin, Linz, Lucerne, Vienna and New York






Making Space | 2014 | exhibition Les Enfants Terribles | Gallery Daeppen, September 2014




Exhibitions and projects (selection)

2015 Warganic | Gallery Daeppen, Basel
2015 The Multiple Identities of Andy Leuenberger | Shoxxx Boxxx, Berlin
2015 NY Book Fair, Printed Matter, presented by Zucker Art Books, New York

2015 Bilderberg Konferenz, Underground Comic Festival, Berlin
2015 curation of Small Press Heaven, Fumetto, International Comix-Festival Lucerne


2014 Les Enfants Terribles | Gallery Daeppen, Basel

2014 Helsinki Comic Festival, Finnland
2014 A Bestiary by Andy Leuenberger | Fumetto Comic Festival, Lucerne
2014 The Death of Comic | Next Comic Festival, Linz, Austria

2013 Schallenpappenspieler | Supalife Kiosk, Bern

2013 Berlin Zine Fest, Berlin


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