Opening Friday 26 August 2016 18.00 to 20.00
After show Party at PORT LAND with concert

a group show with:

Nicolas Büchi
Liam Clark

Axel Görger
Leon Zuodar

Lucian Zweifel

Blackcrossbowl's crew

concert at PORT LAND with:
The Lombego Surfers
and Heckler

exhibition view, Gallery Daeppen, August 2016

B.C.B Memorabilia - Box -
Special Edition of 100 boxes
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In Memoriam BLACKCROSSBOWL 2006 - 2012


Four words taken from a graffiti on the Blackcrossbowl perfectly describe the six years era of the legendary concrete DIY skate project in Basel.

For some the bowl became a temporary living room for a few months every year, but even in the winter you could find people skating and hanging out by the fire regulary.

The spirit of the Blackcrossbowl sparked and inspired other skateboarders all over Europe to take fate in their own hands and build a scene for themselves.

The FUCK FEAR DRINK BEAR group exhibition marks the ten year anniversary of the beginning of the Blackcrossbowl. It looks back and forward to explore and document the DIY spirit that is engrained in skateboarders everywhere.

> blackcrossbowl.com
> portland.ch

> Happy Birthday BlackCrossBowl! In Gedenken an Basels Skaterparadies

Axel Görger aka Pudi


Axel Görger aka Pudi, born in 1966 in Baden-Baden. In the late 70s he discovered a skateboard as his favorite toy. Couple years later he began documenting the skating of his friends and travels with his camera.

He has lent his helping hand for various skatespot building projects. He manufactures concrete coping for skate spots all over Europe.



Leon Zuodar aka LELE

Leon Zuodar aka LELE, born in 1977 is a Slovenian visual artist working in the field of painting, drawing, grafics, fanzines and animation.

Since 2005 he's been part of the world famous painting group called Beli sladoled (White Ice Cream, Leon Zuodar & Miha Perne). Since 2013 he's co-organizing the art program at the gallery Hisa kulture in Pivka where he's also leading the graffic studio.

As a skateboarder he's known as a member of Boldrider crew based at Pumpa in Postojna. Pumpa, the D.I.Y. skate playground & more was inspired by the phenomena of Black Cross Bowl back in 2008 and since then Postojna and Basel sk8 scenes share a strong bond.

He doesn't like to be called a skate artist but in the same time it's impossible to totally devide his art from his passion towards skateboarding.

> belisladoled.org
> boldrider-boldrider.blogspot.com

Nicolas Büchi

Nicolas Büchi , born in 1982 (Zürich) got involved with the Black Cross Bowl during a summer stay in 2007 in Basel.

Since then evolved a deeper connection with the BCB crew and DIY concrete resulting finally in The Beast (2011) and The Beauty (2012), two DIY bowl projects in Zurich.

Nicolas is founder of September Wheels and That Noise Magazine. His photographic and video work focuses mainly on the interconnectivity of the DIY skateboard culture.

> That Noise Magazine

> September Wheels

Liam Clark


Liam Clark, born 1990 in Ipswich, Suffolk (UK) and currently living and working in Norwich,Norfolk. Graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.

Fuelled by years spent skateboarding and listening to an odd combination of punk rock, hip-hop and folk music his artwork takes inspiration from the urban environment and is created with a D.I.Y. attitude using a variety of disciplines, including drawing, painting, print making, photography and more.

Liam explores many themes, from political and social messages, to recalling childhood memories, often with a hint of humour. His work regularly contains repetition, a large use of colour, pattern and text.

He started skateboarding when he was around 13, and he never got particularly good at it, but it exposed him to a great group of artists and photographers, and new ways of creating, and they continue to influence his work, as does the act of skateboarding.


> liamashleyclark.com
> Liam Clark talks to Skateism

Lucien Zweifel


Lucian Zweifel
, born 1993 (Basel) is a skateboarder and photographer of the younger generation in Basel.

By the influcence of skateboarding he started to take pictures of his friends about 10 years ago.

His photography is the the result of being constantly on the move, whether in Basel or when travelling around Europe.

Liebe Freunde der Fotografie und des Skateboards

Seit ich begonnen habe meine Leidenschaft das Skaten tagtäglich zu fotografieren und dokumentieren haben sich einige Jahre gesammelt. Was zu Beginn zufällig mein Hobby wurde, hat mit den Jahren immer grösseren Einfluss auf mein Leben genommen - während dieser Zeit habe ich durch unzählige Einflüsse aus meinem Umfeld einen eigenen Stil entwickelt. Dabei steht Scharzweiss vor Farbe, Spontanität vor Konzept und Realität vor Inszenierung.

Am kommenden 26. August wird in der Galerie von Guillaume Daeppen der zehnte Geburtstag der Blackcrossbowl, welche auf dem ehemaligen NT-Areal stand, mit einer Ausstellung gefeiert und gedenkt. Die Bowl und der DIY Gedanke hatte auf viele Skater, ob jung oder alt, einen Einfluss. Eine direkte Ableitung von uns ist im Skatepark Liestal entstanden, wobei der gesamte Treppenbereich in eine Quarter betoniert wurde. Der wesentliche Punkt an dieser ganzen Geschichte ist, dass ich ein Teil zur Ausstellung beitrage und einige Bilder ausstellen werde. Ich freue mich unglaublich über die Chance und das Resultat.

Lucian Zweifel

> elcetwebdiary.com

Blackcrossbowl's final party
Blackcrossbowl's final party 2012 | Photos Thomas Switn / switnphoto.com