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Exhibition 30 August to 27 September 2014

LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES | exhibition view Gallery Daeppen | September 2014

Hey! These terrible kids. They can drink. They can trash a party. They do comics, music, videos, photos, flyers, zines or drinks. They are kids of the DIY scene.

The exhibition LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES shows for the first time in the gallery the works of Silio Durst (Bruxelles), Raphael Grischa (Berlin), Andy Leuenberger (Berlin), Luca Piazzalonga (Basel) and DJINN TONIX (collective Basel).

Silio Durt | LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES | exhibition view | 2014

Silio Durt is an artist based in Bruxelles. Influenced by the searches of post-war immediate by CoBra group and american school but also by the underground graphic culture, Silio Durt presents an organized mess, an explosion of pictorial matter.Thanks to a spontaneous technique, Silio Durt works around art of wild childhood. Silio Durt plays around empty space and the absence of lines to restore the material’s rights. He offers a direct and accessible picture. An ode to the plastic and organic research.

Raphael Grischa | CRUEL CHANEL | wall installation | 2014

Rapahel Grischa is a multi creative person and a natural born storyteller based in Berlin. He’s an autodidact who’s been working on projects of all kinds; From graphic design to typography, filmmaking or photography, Raphael always approaches things with a healthy dose of curiosity. In art, no challenge seems big enough, as he’s always determined to experiment with different techniques and try out new things. As he says, every job done well leads to a new project. A project he‘s very proud of is the art direction job he’s done for Raf 3.0. Covers, packaging, merchandising - it was like a Masterpiece, where the music reflected the art and the art the music. For the exhibition LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES he creates the installation CRUEL CHANEL.

Andy Leuenberger | MAKING SPACE | installation 2014

Andy Leuenberger is a cartoonist based in Berlin known for his satirically biting and absurd humor. Prolific for numerous self-published comic and cartoon books, his work has appeared in comic anthologies, mass-media and small press in Germany, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, and Croatia. His books and artwork are regulary presented in exhibitions and at comic festivals. Andy Leuenberger's fantastic cartoons are modern sociological meditations.

Making Space is an installation for the exhibition LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES and the second book in series after „Where are You From?“ (2012). Themes are images of explosions in the media, which have sublime qualities of landscape paintings of the Romantic Era, distant suffering, the aesthetic of violence and the creation of vacuum as a a means of avoiding inner vacuum. The images are a serie of 38 drawings, ink on paper (50 x 50 cm)

Luca Piazzalonga | Militante Elefanten Befreiungsfront | installation/action August 2014

Luca Piazzalonga is a non-sense activist based in Basel.

The Work entitled „Elephants“ plays with confrontation.
There is a redistribution of significance leading to the display and exibition of personal importance which implements a severity into non-sense and provokes an acceptance based on a lack of understanding towards the same.
Why are things the way they are?- To change a small piece of obviousness sometimes leads to an alter paradigm.
The conquest over reality inevitably leads to the inclusion of specific rubbish.

DJINN TONIX | action / exhibition view August 2014

is a collective based in Basel. They are kids of the DIY scene. The name is programm.