Street Artist, Poland


Opening Saturday 28 February 2015 18.00 to 20.00
Exhibition 28 February to 28 March 2015

Peter Fuss puts his works up on billboards illegally as a way of creating a bitter commentary on the reality that surrounds him. He uses the public space because it is here that his work exerts a more powerful influence and may even become the subject of public debate. Fuss is not afraid to speak his mind on socially taboo subjects. In his work, he examines and evaluates the present time. Using his characteristic means - namely, simple and clear forms - he comments on politics, the relationships between religion and authority, flashy religiosity, social problems, and art. The context of the place and time in which his works are based is also ofter of importance. Fuss intervenes in an urban landscape brimming with a huge number of colorful billboards. In contrast to the language of advertising, however, his billboards are always made in shades of gray.

The type of art practiced by Peter Fuss become his weapon. Involved in the life of the community, Fuss reaches beyond the confines of the art gallery. In the public space, the artist's work is completely unprotected. What is more, it is not necessarily perceived within the context of art and may arouse feelings of great ambivalence. But after all, it is such feelings that provoke thought.

Peter Fuss SHIT AND GLORY | exhibition view Gallery Daeppen | 2015

Peter Fuss | Gdynia, Lublin, Katowice, Gdansk | 2012 / 2016



FUSS INSIDE| 2014 | Poland

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